Location of Data Center: Germany

Our tools are intensely used by banks and other industries that work with sensitive data on a daily basis. To ensure the safe handling of customer data, our server is located in Frankfurt am Main. This advantage of location sets us apart from many competitors - privacy protection is very important for socialBench.

DIN ISO/IEC 27001-certified servers

socialBench's data center is certified according to DIN ISO / IEC 27001 (International Organization for Standardization). This safety standard is well-known internationally and documents security requirements for information security management systems. The certification demonstrates that the standard security measures in an IT network were implemented according to "IT-Grundschutz".

Constant dialogue with lawyers/constant legal counsel

To ensure we are always up to date in terms of data protection laws, we maintain constant communication with our attorneys. They regularly check our software and assist us especially during new developments and feature releases.

Certified according to OPDV-statement 1/2006

Interesting not only for financial institutions: We complied with the high quality demands of the Technical Committee of the OPDV ("Ordnungsmäßigkeit und Prüfung der Datenverarbeitung" - Regularity and testing of data processing). Banks treat sensitive data of customers who have high demands on reliability and verifiability. With the OPDV certification, we want to show that we hold these requirements in high regards as well.

Facebook awards select companies for excellence on the platform. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, socialBench is granted acces to partner-exclusive Facebook-services, such as technical support and special trainings and events. All to our customers' benefit.