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Create, manage and publish content everywhere with the Publisher.

Allow short reaction times on Facebook and Twitter with the Wallmanager.


The new features of the Wallmanager allow you a more active management of your community. Our tool lets you follow all interactions in real time on your social media profiles. Foster quality engagement with your fan base, never miss important Posts and avoid potential shitstorms ahead of time.

Efficient teamwork

The Wallmanager enables you to manage both posts and private messages within a social media channel. The integrated ticket system makes it possible to internally discuss responses to fan-posts in the team. An extensive user rights management allows for optimal workflow and transparency.

This simplifies cooperation between companies, its departments and agencies.

Shorter response time through badword filter

The badword filter can be used to define positive and negative words. It recognizes posts on the basis of predetermined words, categorizes them and proactively assigns the posts to corresponding staff. The person in charge will be immediately notified and is thus able to quickly handle the post.

This allows for an early detection of Shit Storms. You also have the option to delete certain content that does not match your social media etiquette. The deleted content will no longer be visible on your wall, but is however still available in the Wallmanager and can be seen by team members.

Categorization and evaluation of posts

With the tagging feature, posts can be easily categorized. This enables you to determine the tonality of posts and whether it is, for example, a support request or even a complaint from a fan. At the end of the week or month, create with just one click an extensive report on the activities for all your channels.

Always Up-to-Date

Unread posts are displayed at a glance, so you will not miss a thing in the future! Find posts easily and fast with the integrated full-text search and save yourself the time consuming scrolling through your feed.

Integrated shitstorm alert

The integrated shitstorm Alert analyzes the activity on your Facebook page, thereby recognizes unusual developments and automatically sends you a notification.

All news at a glance

Receive alerts and notifications by e-mail when something important happens on one of your social media profiles. Easily stay on top of how many and which posts you have not yet read. In this way you can be sure to register all posts made to your wall.


The Publisher facilitates the creation of an editorial plan through approval processes, optimized communication channels and clearer presentation, including a preview functionality.

This provides greater efficiency and simplifies your processes. In addition, you can manage topics for your editorial calendar on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Define and discuss this with the team and bring it to life.

Easy creation of an editorial plan

The integrated ticket system facilitates internal communication and allows for a clear distribution of tasks. The features allow for discussion and fine-tuning of campaigns and posts within the team. The Report of the editorial plan briefly summarizes all posts, including the date, time and preview, to allow all parties at the end of the day at the be on same level. The photo gallery clearly arranges all used images.

All social media platforms at a glance

Whether posts on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, with the publisher see them all at a glance. The editorial planner creates clarity and prevents data chaos. This feature is especially advantageous when implementing your brands integrated communication on many different channels. After determining the content and approving their release, Publisher enables you to automatically publish at any time, day or night.

Integrated revision history

The revision history documents all the steps to the finished post. This for example, allows to simplify the communication between companies and agencies. Using the post preview, everyone - from team members to the customers - see what the result will look like. Through user rights, only certain people can publish posts.

Certified software

social bench holds data protection in high regards. Accordingly, our software is regularly tested for compliance with the strict German laws. Hence, our tools are particularly used by banks and other industries that handle sensitive data on a daily basis.

socialBench compliance

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